Sustainability – Palomarin Decor

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As lovers of the outdoors, we at Palomarin are committed to running an operation that's as eco-friendly as possible.  Let's keep our planet beautiful so we can admire it for generations to come.  Here's how we do that:


We only use paper from eco-conscious manufacturers dedicated to long-term sustainability efforts in material sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution. Palomarin uses various fine art papers from Neenah Paper, a green certified paper manufacturer.  We maximize the use of our paper to limit offcuts, but all scraps leftover from our printing process are 100% recyclable.


Our small-footprint facility is powered by solar, wind, and water.  We do everything in-house and source as many materials and supplies as possible from local vendors.  Each print is made to order, so we don't have a large inventory nor a big place to put it.  Our footprint is small, but our impact is far from it.

Going Further

Palomarin donates a portion of its profits to non-profit organizations committed to conservation, low-environmental impact and wildlife-friendly renewable energy, public land access and ocean health.  For suggestions on non-profit organizations to support or questions about our sustainability efforts, contact the founder directly at with the subject line: Sustainability.