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Our Affordable Prints and Sustainable Mission

Palomarin is the fruition of two longtime friends: Sam, the business mind from the San Francisco Bay Area, and Ralph the artist from the island of Guam. Sam and Ralph first met in school, lived together for years, and decided to take their bond into a venture based in mutual passions: art and conservation.


Sam spent his childhood roaming the forests, coasts, and mountains of Northern California. Ralph spent his childhood exploring the same landscapes in the tropical environment of Guam.  The realities of climate change are all too familiar to them and their homes, making the mission of operating the business sustainably that much more important.


Order a print, plant a tree

Step 1. You purchase a Palomarin print.
Step 2. We make a donation to our partner OneTreePlanted.
Step 3. They plant a tree.

Green on our minds

In our mission to offer the most sustainable and zero-impact art print possible, Palomarin plants a tree for every order placed on the website. We do this in partnership with the 501(c)3, One Tree Planted. One Tree Planted plants trees in over 40 different countries in the name of restoring forests, creating habitat for biodiversity, and making a social impact around the world.