Meet the Artist: Jackeline Ivett Alvarez – Palomarin Decor

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Meet the Artist:

Jackeline Ivett Alvarez


Picture of the Artist: Jackeline Ivett Alvarez



Hi! My name is Jackeline Ivett Alvarez, and I have loved art in all its forms ever since I can remember. Painting in particular is my first and greatest love, and I am thrilled to share my work with you.

It was when I studied Studio Arts with an emphasis in Drawing and Painting at Loyola Marymount University that I really developed my personal style. I am inspired by nature as well as the power of womxn and fem figures. By utilizing rich colors and organic shapes, I use my paintings to articulate what I understand to be love, connection, and divine beauty.

I express my vision of the world through my art, whether it is what I currently see and feel or what I hope to in the future. My pieces focus on an array of subjects, with the most common being the veneration of womxn, Mother Earth (as she is always surrounding and protecting us), and geometric & organic shapes. I often turn to vivid, warm colors to execute ideas, as they make me feel most at home.

My mission is to make art that motivates and moves me, and hope it does the same for those who experience my work. Let the deep tones envelop you and remind you of your greatest loves, dreams, and desires, remembering the profound beauty of the earth and the gift of feminine presence.


Her collections: Flora