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Your free-spirit loves buzzy social settings and setting the trend. Your space needs to reflect your playful, quick-witted charm.

The boho design style is like a quilt of design influences...mixing patterns and objects to create a space that's totally unique. Think of creating a space that makes you feel like traveling. That gives people an experience of sightseeing.

Because you see life as an adventure, display items from travels, from nature, from moments of day-to-day magic. A boho space can feature your treasure-trove of memories.

A key element of the boho stylish layering patterns and textures. Materials like rattan, jute, bamboo, and colorful textiles make up this artistic look. Also, for you, plants need to be everywhere.

This layered aesthetic is expansive and boisterous, just like you.

Think of your home as a place to host soirees with the most interesting of guests.

“Adventure is worthwhile" — Aesop

  1. Sol: 3 Print Boho Bundle
  2. La Mar: 3 Print Boho Bundle