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  • $14.00
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Transform your space to boho-chic with this modern look at a breathtaking landscape.

  • To us, this print is the reminder of the lonesome journey.  On a trek, physical or metaphorical, through foreign land, with nobody by your side.  And sometimes... it sounds awfully tranquil.
  • Incorporate this peaceful setting into your boho decor to achieve a relaxing and modern aesthetic.
  • Heavyweight fine art paper with texture you can feel and see.
  • Ships flat and ready to hang however you see fit.
  • Sun-resistant ink and thick cardstock made to last longer than either of us.
  • Also, don't forget... FREE SHIPPING.


DECOR HACK: Purchase our bundle for a few dollars more and have multiple prints around to change up your decor whenever you’d like.


If your decor aesthetic is boho, boho-chic, modern decor, or even nautical decor, our prints will give you the wall art you need for the home you've always dreamed of.  And if not, let us know.